Penguin (Iceberg Lounge)
Posted on July 9, 2024

So McFarlane finally got around to producing a proper, comic-based Penguin. And it’s fairly decent! The scale is wrong (he’s too large, his head is ginormous compared to others),  but it’s a solid sculpt and articulation.

Todd’s version represents Penguin’s “classic” color scheme, which surprised me, given Todd’s clear preference for modern first, classics later. This was the right choice, in my mind. But my shelves would prefer something a little less Golden Age. Time to repaint!

This is 90% a repaint job. I chose Penguin’s black tux to represent his “proprietor of the Iceberg Lounge” look. But I am not crazy about Todd’s Penguin head sculpt. So I swapped it for one by Toymankid on CGTrader. I scaled it to an appropriate size, rigged the head and hat for magnets, and printed. Even the monocle is printed!

He’s still too big overall, but at least now he looks like he can run a supper club.

Created July 2024




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