Penguin (Batman Returns)
Posted on March 26, 2021

In its final days of their having the DC license, Mattel finally bestowed upon the fans a 6″(ish)-scale Penguin from “Batman Returns.” It was hardly perfect, but better than nothing. (They had previously released a 3.75″ version using a superior sculpt. Why not re-use those files?) The version Mattel released was Penguin in his cleaned-up duds, which was probably the most appropriate choice. But he spends half the movie in his filthy underclothes. So I took it upon myself to make that version.

Using the aforementioned Mattel offering, I removed the coat and the too-thick vest. Much has been said about how old Oswald’s noggin is too small on Mattel’s figure, and that is an accurate assessment. But it seems less offensive once that vest is off. I then proceeded to mash Magic Sculpt epoxy into the etched lines of the pants, mindful to maintain articulation. I also Dremeled down some shirt details, and then shaped the bib front and tie from epoxy.

Regarding the boots, I trimmed away the lower pants legs, while keeping the “leg” inside. (This required creative use of blades and Dremel sanders.) In the end I maintained the ankle joints without having to break the legs and rebuild.

I also solved a problem present in Mattel’s original figure. I embedded small magnets in Penguin’s skull and the hat. Now the hat stays on!

Penguin’s fur coat is supposed to be a green crushed velvet, and it’s more of a great cloak. But I was not about to make a coat from scratch when a perfectly usable one was already present. I bought some genuine Wookie fur, trimmed it down to scale, and cut appropriate strips for the collar, sleeves, and pockets. I used Tandy’s Tanner’s Bond to adhere the fur. (It’s a contact cement that maintains flexibility. It’s used on Muppets.)

The coat might not be screen accurate, but it passes. My movie shelf is that much more complete.

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