Posted on June 16, 2017

In the upcoming animated movie “Batman and Harley Quinn,” Nightwing once again becomes victim of a bad haircut. From a mullet to bad bangs! Poor kid can’t catch a break. Naturally, I felt the need to memorialize this tragedy on my shelf.

From the movie trailers, it looks like Nightwing has bulked up a bit since his TNBA days. I had originally considered using a “Gods and Monsters” Batman as a base, until I realized that figure towers over regular TNBA Batman. (Once again, DC Collectibles fails to master the concept of scale.) So I stuck with the old Nightwing, though he’s a bit thin.

I simply gave him a haircut, and sculpted new bangs with Magic Sculpt. Oh, and then I painted his eyes. Because his eyes show now. Or something. Go figure. (And I painted the mask wider.)

Created June 2015



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