Mr. Freeze (’97)
Posted on September 29, 2023

Since I completed this custom figure, Todd McFarlane has announced his versions is coming soon. And his will be more screen accurate than anything I can do. But I still felt like this project was worth discussing, as it used some more advanced techniques.

Before Todd announced his, I’d seen several people uses the Lex Luthor armor as a base. Paint it silver, and it works well enough! But I wanted to get a little closer to the Freeze armor we saw on screen*.  I found a 3D file of an Ah-nold Freeze statue online. The torso and head were reasonably “vanilla” in pose, so I could make use of them. Printing the head and helmet was not an issue. For the torso, I printed the main part as a hollow piece. Once finished, I dremeled out much of the inside. I had separated the Lex armor into it’s component parts. I filled the now-empty torso with generic plumber’s epoxy, and the set the arm pegs into the epoxy, making sure to rotate them slightly as the epoxy cured over the next few minutes. Boom! The joints held, and he had arms. I applied the same technique to lex’s lower torso.

Ultimately, the limbs are “suggestive” of the film’s design, but from the abdomen up, he’s accurate.

I also printed set two sets of hands: fists, and a pair holding his ice guns. And the helmet is printed in “clear” and partially painted.

Created February 2023

*Yes, I know it’s a terrible, nigh unwatchable movie.


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