Posted on July 5, 2013


Ultimately, Mongul was released by Mattel. But back in the day, we were told the line was dead, and this prototype slipped out. Castings were made, and this was my copy. I’m glad I chose the grey stripes color scheme, as the released version uses the black stripes. Best of both worlds!

Created January 2012



  • Ernesto Escalera says:

    you sell these action figures or just display then?

    • Just for my shelf. But I strongly encourage everyone to try making their own. That’s why I share as many details as I can about how each as made.

      • Ernesto Escalera says:

        Which page do you recommend that they customize parts and sell to create their own figure? I must tell you that you have amazing custom figures and incredible playsets. Spend my day admiring the art of the figures and reading a lot of information from your page

        • Thanks for the kind words. Not sure about who still sells printed or cast parts in this style and scale these days. I’m sure somebody does, but I haven’t seen anything in quite awhile.

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