Posted on December 5, 2014

moloch-watchmen-01I never thought I’d see the day when I not only had a set of Watchmen figures on my shelf, I’d have two (comic and movie). But they needed a villain. Sadly, there isn’t much in the way of costumed villains in the story. The only one is Moloch, and he’s mainly in flashbacks.

Given the generic nature of the Mattel comic versions, I reasoned the tuxedo Joker figure would fit right in as a base. I opted to use the Joker from the “Mad Love” set, so I wouldn’t have to paint the suit black. I only had to change the tie. The cape is from on old Speed Racer villain. It’s a little short, but it’s wonderfully dramatic, and fits like a glove over the shoulders. The head was a generic male from the parts box. I added the goatee and the turban. The gem is a plastic jewelry piece, glued on. The medallion is a Lego piece. Should it have some sort of art or design on it? Am I a lazy customizer? Yes, to both questions.

You have a villain, Watchmen! Now go fight!

Created November 2014.


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