Mera (Bombshell)
Posted on July 17, 2022

DC Collectibles produced an excellent Mera figure, sporting her flared pants look. They also made a statue of Mera, wearing her 1940s bathing suit and hat ensemble. I wanted to recreate that look as a custom figure.

I carried this idea in my head for several years. I knew that the best way to achieve this look would be to start from DC Essential’s Brightest Day Mera figure, specifically for the scale-textured torso. The problem was waiting for that figure to become available at a reasonable price, given the skyrocketing prices on the after market these days. After several years worth of daily eBay updates, I finally found one at a price I was willing to pay. The project was officially started!

I started by removing Brightest Day Mera’s limbs. I then Dremeled off much of the scale texture on the backside of her shoulders, repairing the area as needed. I used Magic Sculpt to shape the straps and belt. Standard Bombshell Mera’s arms were popped back into the shoulders, and Bombshell Katana donated her legs, with Bombshell Mera feet.

I used standard Bombshell Mera’s head, and I 3D-printed a hat from a free file I found online. I rigged the head and the hat with magnets, so the hat can be easily removed.

The sash (towel?) involved wrapping the torso and legs in a protective layer or plastic wrap, then crafting the rough shape of the sash with ProCreate. (I knew this would need to be flexible, so ProCreate was the better choice.) Once cured, I removed the rough sash and plastic wrap, and proceeded to sand and resculpt the sash as needed, until I reached the desired wrap-around shape. I sculpted and added the balled-up tie, allowing me to hide a tiny magnet in either end of the sash. It’s complete removable, and the magnets help keep it in place.

Created May 2022


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