Max Shreck
Posted on September 29, 2023

Max Shreck! How you have eluded me, sir! I’ve been wanting to make a Max since long before the advent of 3D printing, but I could never find a head that could pass as the distinctive Mr. Walken. Even now, I can’t find much in the way of available 3D files to work with. It’s baffling.

Fortunately, I stumbled across the excellent work of nuadadesigns. He had crafted a fantastic Shreck head, and was willing to sell prints, sized as I needed. Thanks, Danny!

I finally had the head, now I needed a double-breasted suit body in 1/10th scale. Know what? There aren’t any. At all. So I had to make one the old fashioned way. I started with a McFarlane Fortnite Wild Card as a base, then built the new coat with Magic Sculpt. I wasn’t able to manage the tux shirt collar at that scale, but it passes well enough behind the bow tie. (The tie comes from a Marvel Legends White Rabbit.)

In the film, Shreck only wears double breasted suits with a tux shirt, but the colors change. Did I have to take on those stripes that only appear in one scene? No. Are those stripes the most Burton-esque suit in the entire film? Yes. And thus my fate was sealed. Painting stripes is fun, kids! Really! Here, you paint a few.

Created June 2023


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