Man-Bat (Future)
Posted on October 30, 2014


From the future it’s… Man-Bat Beyond! Okay, this is so silly as to almost not be worth mentioning as a custom.

In the recent “Batman Beyond” comics (following the events of the cartoon), Man-Bat shows up. We get to see what an aged Kirk Langstrom looks like as Man-Bat. It was a fun story (the whole run has been excellent). I wanted to adapt the look into the formal Timm-verse style. So I slapped some Magic Sculpt on a Man-Bat figures. That’s it. I’m sure it would look better with a little more effort, but I’m not sure where that effort would be.

Created September 2014



  • Jim O'donnelly says:

    You’d need to make the world’s biggest hearing aids. SHouldn’t his fur be gray? or does he touch it up? I didn’t read the issue, but your version gives me ideas.
    Considering I read the issue when he debuted back in the 70’s, it makes me feel old, too.

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