Lois Lane (I)
Posted on June 30, 2013

lois-lane-01Once again, I’m thrilled Hasbro bestowed upon us mere plastic-lovin’ mortals a real, 100% genuine Lois Lane figure. But, as with Alfred and Gordon, they came just a wee bit shy of hitting the nail on the head. It’s my duty to finish the job.

Unlike Alfred and Gordon, Lois’ body is nigh perfect. Right down to the cuff line of the jacket. I didn’t change a thing below the neck. The head, however, was another story. At face value (pun intended), the head looks… off. It’s hard to say what or why initially. Give the head an even coat of primer and the answers are obvious. First, the eyes are far too small for Lois. Second, the bangs are all wrong. For my corrections to the head, please see the recipe under World’s Finest Lois Lane. I wanted to make two Loises, in different outfits. For the smiling Lois, I chose to use a different head altogether.

The head is Hasbro’s Supergirl. I dremeled off SG’s bangs, then recreated Lois’ bangs and filled over the headband with Kneadatite. I attempted to fill in SG’s eyes with Alumilite, but I was never satisfied with the results. When I painted the face, I simply ignored the sculpted eyes and “painted outside the lines.” I’ve done this a few times on SG’s face now with good results.

Once the head was corrected, a detailed and accurate paint job made for a smashing good Lois Lane, if I do say so myself.

Created Spring 2002



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