Lex Luthor (2021)
Posted on July 24, 2022

The Snydervers movies exist in such a complicated space. My personal relationship with them no less so. BvS and JL as presented in the theatre were garbage. But the extended cut of BVS and the Snyder cut of JL forced me to rethink them. Add Man of Steel to the mix, and those three make a decent trilogy. However, there is one glowering mistake throughout the films, and that is the casting Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. That was some bogus casting. He was just awful in the role. Lex is a great villain, who should carry gravitas into every room he enters. Instead we got a ’90s Nickelodeon cartoon nutball.

That being said, every Superman needs a Lex, and that includes the Superman on my shelf. So I opted to make an Eisenberg Lex. (Yeesh!) The head was another 3D print purchased off eBay. (Let’s be honest, the existence of that head prompted this project.) The body is a Diamond Select TV Gotham Alfred. The rest is paint. Clearly, not my best line work. But it’s just Jesse.

Created May 2022


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