Killer Moth (Year One)
Posted on July 5, 2013

killer-moth-01Beware the terror that is Killer Moth! Tremble in fear of his horrifying visage!

Okay, maybe not. Killer Moth has gotten a lousy reputation over the years. How could he not? Just check out his fashion sense over the years. (You can do so at YPB’s excellent Killer Moth Appreciation and Preservation Society.) I chose to go with the color scheme seen in the Robin and Batgirl “Year One” stories, if only because it was the least garish.

For the base, I chose DCD’s early Silver Age Green Lantern figure. (As opposed to the later Silver Age version, which was released first. Confused yet?) Aside from the removal of Hal’s head, the only modification to the base itself included filling in the etched lines along the sides of the torso and Dremeling off the ring. The boots and gloves work perfectly for Killer Moth, and I added a vinyl belt and buckle. The head is made from Super Sculpey, with metal wire antennae. Initially, I wanted to use a translucent pink acetate/gel for the wings, but such a material was not available in sufficient quantity. As an alternative, I found a plastic folder for $.37 that works just as well. It probably works better, as it’s thicker. The wings are attached to the figure via shaped Kneadatite.

Killer Moth may be corny, but I dig this custom. And let’s face it, he’s not likely to be manufactured anytime soon.

Created Fall 2004


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