Killer Frost
Posted on July 4, 2013

killer-frost-02I hardly know anything about the mainstream comic version of Killer Frost, but I knew I had to have the animated version of her in figure form as soon as I saw her first appearance. She was such a fun design!

As seems to be a trend lately, she was inspired by Mike Danza’s fantastic rendition of her. My version uses Hawkgirl as a base, with a heavily modified Witchblade head. Her hair is Super Sculpey, while the tops of her gloves are Kneadatite. Beyond removing some details from the Hawkgirl base, that’s all she required.

I adore the original head sculpt on Mike’s version. While mine doesn’t quite capture that look, she’s still a good rendition. Now it’s time to make all the other Justice League villains.

Created Summer 2004


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