Killer Croc (BTAS)
Posted on July 4, 2013

killer-croc-btas-01The Hasbro Killer Croc figure is ridiculous, even by Hasbro standards. Yet I never improved the figure because I remained uninspired. Well, inspiration struck finally when the suggestion was made to remove Croc’s lower jaw and reattach it higher. Such a simple act, but it makes all the difference. Between that and adding pupils to his eyes, I had to finish him out.

I removed his legs at the upper thigh and replaced them with some old school Joker legs. Croc kept his size 20 feet, as Joker’s shoes wouldn’t fit. I used Kneadatite, Alumilite and a lot of sanding to smooth out the seams on the new legs. I removed both old arms (which is tricky, kids, given that one has spring loaded action) and replaced them with the Bat arms off the Batman figure that’s on a Belly Washer drink. Such an awful sculpt, yet the arms were near perfect for Croc, as I needed something longer than normal, but not too bulky. (By the way, if you pick up the drink in question for the figure, do not, I repeat, DO NOT taste the beverage inside. It’s horrible!) I modified the arms a bit, shortening them and removing some surface details, and I know I replaced at least one hand. (Maybe both. It’s been awhile)

The final figure actually looks like what Killer Croc should look like. He’s no longer an embarrassment to his fellow characters at cast parties.

Created Summer 2002


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