Posted on July 4, 2013

kalibak-02Before you read this recipe, take a moment and visit Grundy’s gallery. Grundy is an amazing customizer and artist, with some top-shelf sculpting skills. I’ve been following his stuff for some time now, and it’s always inspiring to this mere mortal to see what he’s capable of creating.

As you can see, Grundy has sculpted an amazing Kalibak custom, among other fine pieces. It seems my pal Peter Go (a.k.a. Vader) is also friends with Grundy, and conspired to obtain for me a very rare casting of Grundy’s Kalibak sculpt. I could not have been more honored. These photos are the result.

Aside from the fact I had to re-construct several pieces due to the mishandling of the shipping package by Homeland Security, I could not be more pleased with this piece. The sculpt is top-notch! I don’t mind admitting I’d have great difficulty shaping that head from scratch. The dimensional details are on-model. Should Mattel ever produce a Kalibak, I doubt it could be superior to this.

My efforts were limited to what I believe to be an accurate paint job. I can only hope I did Grundy’s sculpt justice.

So, to Grundy and Peter, please accept my most sincere thanks! I am flattered and honored. I hope I can return the favor someday.

Created Winter 2008

P.S. Mattel has since released their version. I feel Grundy’s sculpt is far more accurate.


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