Jungle Girl (Bombshell)
Posted on July 17, 2022

There have been many comic book ladies that went by the moniker “Jungle Girl.” The name was used in the 1940s for a series of comics. As the trademark was tossed around to different publishers, it was applied to different characters. So much so it’s almost become generic. Frank Cho was the most recent artist to use it on a series of books (I think). My interpretation here is not meant to be any specific versions. She’s more a generic version that was inspired by NECA’s Gargoyles Demona figure.

I had used Demona’s wings and face for my Bombshells Batgirl Monster custom,  which left the remainder of the body. I applied some new hands from fodder, and 3D-printed some bare feet from a file available online.  I printed the head from a statue of Marvel’s Black Queen, with a ponytail printed from a Punchline statue. The neck and leg accessories come from a DC Essentials Cheetah, and the spear came from my fodder supplies.


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