Posted on June 30, 2013

jor-el-01The genetic daddy of Supes here was made using my Superman: Redux recipe. His torso is a Hasbro Supes with modified arms, and his legs are Racer X’s. I augmented the usual body suit with the requisite Kryptonian paneling, made from Kneadatite. The head is an somewhat unconvincing Bruce Wayne. The head designs of Bruce and Jor-El are strikingly similar, but the subtle differences make the characters. I may come back to this head. The head is removable, and I also made a Supes head, so that he might appear in his homeland garb as seen in “The Main Man.” Alas, the Supes head I used looks tiny-tiny squish-squish next to Jor-El/ Bruce, so it will remain unseen.

The shoulder piece of the mantle is made from the Hasbro version, as found with “Fortress of Solitude Superman.” (Thank you KB.) I had to dremel out much of the underside to make it fit more accurately. The rectangular hanging panels are cut from vinyl, with smaller rectangles of styrene glued to the back to keep the panels flat and straight. (Vinyl likes to curl.) Stealing a thought from Tung Nguyen, the circles are heads off some brads.

Aside form the Bruce identity issue, I’m happy with this figure. I think he’s pretty convincing.

Created Summer 2002


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