Joker’s Henchmen
Posted on June 30, 2013

joker-henchman-lar-01 Lar and Cur use Happy’s torso and arms. As with all the characters that use this recipe, I had to sand down all the chest details and reconstruct them with plumber’s epoxy and Kneadatite. The legs are from a Detective Bats, using Kneadatite to beef them up a bit.

Cur’s head is that of Superman. I sanded down the hair and added Kneadatite to make a bigger jaw.  Lar’s head was a TNBA Bruce Wayne (I think).

Mo is made from a Detective Bats. (Or some repaint variation thereof.) I beefed up his legs and added the glove cuffs with Kneadatite. His head is Nightwing’s, with a classy Kneadatite hair-do. I wanted Mo to be slightly shorter than his fellow henchmen, so I removed a chunk from his upper legs, re-gluing and sanding smooth. A simple paint job finished him off.

Created Spring 2001


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