Posted on May 25, 2015


The Secret Saturdays continues to be the toy line that keeps on giving (to customizers)! My “Javelin-R1” is a repaint of the Secret Saturdays Griffin Stealth ship. I found it on clearance, and was struck by its design similarities to the JLU Javelins. Obviously, it’s not a direct match, but in my mind it could represent a smaller, one-occupant scout craft. (This uses the “just off screen” mentality of the classic Kenner Star Wars mini-rigs.)  Once I had the time, I applied a color scheme reminiscent of the standard Javelin ships. For the record, the straight black lines are trim tape, thus preserving my sanity. I only painted the black lines where they wrapped over the curve of the wing.

The Javelin Ranger One is now ready to fly!

Created May 2015



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