James Gordon (BTAS)
Posted on June 30, 2013

commissioner-james-gordon-btas-01This incarnation of Gordon is based loosely on Charlie Jackam’s recipe. The base is an old school Two-Face body. Charlie had used a coat from another figure to create Jim’s trench coat. I didn’t have any such item available, so I had to get creative. I used vinyl, gluing around the bottom of the Two-Face jacket, effectively extending the length. In the front, I folded the vinyl in on itself, making a nice clean edge. Along the back and sides, I used Kneadatite and Alumilite to build up and hide the seam created by the vinyl.

Like Charlie’s, my Jim Gordon head started as Superman. I built up the big chin, added the hair curl and the trademark mustache. His glasses are a combination of a twist tie for the arms and the portion above the lenses, while the lenses themselves are cut from clear vinyl and marked black along the edge with permanent marker. Additional details included cutting the tie square and building up the square shoulders.

Created Summer 2002


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