Ice (Powered Up)
Posted on June 30, 2013


Some time ago the mighty Stew started experimenting with translucent resin in his castings. The results created some unique and fun characters that we never would have gotten otherwise.

One of the first was Ice. Unlike Superman blue, Stew managed to tone down the blue for an icier look.

In the case of Ice, I painted her using an older technique. I sprayed her with Dullcote before brushing on the white. The Dullcote acts as a transparent primer, giving the brushed-on paint something to adhere to, resulting in a smoother, easier-to-control finish. The Dullcote does make the translucent parts appear “frosty,” but when the paint job was finished, I applied Model Masters gloss, and she shined right up again. (Unlike gloss applied to typical plastic, gloss applied to resin will dry.)

Thanks, Stew!

Created February 2013



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