Huntress (Double Date)
Posted on June 30, 2013


Once again Mattel managed to offer fans a figure using generic parts that might not have been made otherwise. This is a fine strategy. However, there’s simply no excuse regarding how far off some of these paint jobs are. This second version of Huntress needed a complete overhaul, and a lot more detail added.

I used the included cape, cutting off the neck and shoulder portion. Employing the “wrap and shape” method, I built up the upper and shoulder portions of the cape. The epoxy construct was glued to the existing cape, with some tape hidden underneath for support. A Hasbro Talia donated the gun holster and pouches. The belt and buckle are vinyl. The larger boot and arm straps are shaped from Magic Sculpt.

Despite the appearance of the photograph, the dark colors are dark purple, not black.

Amazingly, I didn’t do anything to the head, save add some eye highlights.I’m really pleased with the results.

Created Winter 2007



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