Harvey Bullock (TNBA)
Posted on June 30, 2013


Anyone who customizes in this style knows that Bullock is one of the hardest characters to accurately create. JB Designs created an excellent version from a Ben 10 “Grandpa Max” figure, something I had considered doing. However, as great as JB’s custom was, I felt it was too short, given that Max is far too short for an adult in the JLU line, much less the TNBA line. (Still a mighty fine custom!) A few days later, we were treated to another Bullock by ClimaxOne. He built his off a Mattel Penguin. C1’s was closer in mass to the Bullock I wanted, but still a bit short.

I opted to start with a casting C1’s version. However, I wanted to make some changes. (No disrespect intended.) I extended the legs, shirt, and coat, straightened the tie, and squared off the back of the head. I also adopted a hat from the DC Classics Question. (I glued it to a second, swappable head, so it fits more accurately than a removable hat would.)

All in all, an excellent Bullock now sits on my shelf. Thanks to all those involved!

Created December 2011


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