Harley Quinn (TNBA I)
Posted on July 2, 2013


I’ve long since wanted an improved, new school Harley. Given that the only difference between the old and new school designs are some sharper angles, a new custom had to be reasonably spot-on, otherwise it’s just a plain old Harley. Using Hawkgirl as a base, I think I’ve gotten pretty close.

Hawkgirl’s details were sanded or smoothed over, and the Popeye arms trimmed a bit. The neck tassels are sculpted from Kneadatite. The ankle parts of the shoes are taken from a Harley figure. I sliced them from the original figure, then drilled a hole in them, sliced the back, and wrapped the pieced around Hawkgirl’s ankle. The cuffs are also from a Harley figure, spliced between Hawkgirl’s arms and hands.

The head is also an original Harley, though I filled in the half-closed eyes and sanded them smooth, allowing me to paint a more wide-eyed expression.

I’m very pleased with this piece. I’m one step closer to updating all the new school female designs.

Created Fall 2003


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