Harley Quinn (Bombshell Circus)
Posted on May 18, 2019

Ant Lucia is the genius designer behind DC’s Bombshells. Without him, they wouldn’t exist. It’s a blending of two of my favorite things: retro pin-up art and DC!

He designed some covers for the comic, including one in which Harley is in her traditional jester outfit, and Ivy is wearing a retro acrobat/circus performer outfit. Together they hang from a swing. I love this piece! I knew that I not only wanted to recreate these looks as action figures, but I wanted to recreate the full piece of art. Thus my circus gals came to be.

Of the two, Harley was the easier project. The base is the DC Essentials Harley Quinn figure. It is easily the best 7” version of Harley to date. (Though not perfect. The heels are wrong, she needs an ab crunch, and ohdeargod what happened to her face?) I swapped the head for a Bombshells Harley head. This involved removal of the goggles and filling in the gap with epoxy for hair. I also cut off the ponytails and re-attached them with new pegs, so they can swivel. Then I ditched the ridiculous heels. I kept the “lip” of the shoes (the jester looking part) and replaced the feet themselves with those from a Marvel Legends Black Widow. Fortunately, the pegs and holes matched. All that was left was to paint one foot red.

The swing itself is made from styrene rods. It hangs from an aluminum rod, bent at a 90-degree angle and painted black.

Perhaps the toughest part of this project was recreating the art. Ivy sits on the swing well enough, but making Harley hang upside down… that was tough. These photos took about half an hour pose, and the position is still not as accurate as I’d like. The two of them are still on the swing. They may never come off!

A note about the circus set: I downloaded some “circus tent” art for the main walls. The raised half circle was cut and assembled using illustration board, with printed diamonds. The radiating floor was also digitally designed and printed.

Created Spring 2019


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