Harley Quinn (2015)
Posted on May 17, 2015


This little beauty was sculpted and cast by Vance T. of Bad Faerie Productions. He does some amazing work, and I hope to add more of his pieces to my shelf someday. (Hello, nurse!)

Around the time I obtained this kit from Vance, I discovered the work of John Ficchi. The guy does some amazing, high-end work! He could easily teach us all a thing or two. And in my case, he did. John often customizes and re-shapes (very expensive) Sideshow statues, including a lot of Harleys. He’s perfected a technique of metallic painting that consists of applying a silver chrome base color, then applying a semi-transparent color on top. In the case of Harley, the color in question is red. That’s what I tried to do with Vance’s statue.

Unfortunately, I did not take into account that John is a master with an airbrush. After prepping the statue, I sprayed her with silver chrome. I then started to apply Testor’s transparent red via brush. And that was my mistake. I should have airbrushed the red to create a smooth, even surface, allowing the chrome to shine through. But since I was applying the red by hand, the red dried in uneven blotches. The more I tried to even out the color with more paint, the less the chrome could be detected.

So, lesson learned. She still came out pretty good. I went ahead and made this Harley glossy, since I have so many Harley statues that are flat in luster.

Thanks to Vance for the kit, and the John for the inspiration!

Created May 2015



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