Harleen Quinzel (Skates)
Posted on June 1, 2019

Sometimes, you have to go for the low-hanging fruit. DC Collectibles gave us a Harley “expressions” pack with an unmasked head and roller skates. Of course I’m going to make the whole figure! (Even though I already did in the old scale, and I’m not supposed to duplicate. That rule seems to be crumbling.)

Her torso and arms are a BTAS Harley with the physical details Dremeled off. Magic Sculpt was shaped to become her shirt and shorts. I chose to steal Zatanna’s legs, to avoid any paint issues in the knee joints. Thankfully, many of the earlier figures in the line share almost-compatible joints. Obviously, I replaced Z’s feet with the roller skates.

The rest is paint. I opted to not paint the legs or head, which meant painting the arms a skin tone that could work somewhere in-between. Might need to rethink that choice.

Her fashionable bag comes from a Mallrats figure.

C’mon babies, we’re goin’ shoppin!

Created Spring 2019



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