Gotham City Thugs
Posted on September 12, 2015


More than once I’ve thought to myself “I need some figures of generic thugs and henchmen. I really should make some.” And then I get distracted by another Harley and forget about them.

A few months ago, I stumbled across the Venture Bros. Brock Sampson figure on clearance. I had never considered this line as fodder before, as the style wasn’t quite a Timmverse match, and the size seemed a bit small for my purposes. But the Brock figure is meant to be a big guy, so the size issue worked out. And viewed through the eyes of a Timmverse customizer, his shape was fairly generic. It didn’t take much imagination to see him as a generic thug.

I swapped the heads for Lex and Aquaman noggins, gave one a vest, and then some paint. Now I have some generic criminals for use in photos. Not every crime has to be committed by a super-villain!

I did notice I managed to paint one of “Lex’s” eyes cock-eyed. Normally, I’d quickly fix that. But in this case, I thought it worked. He leads a rough life.

Created August 2015



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