Giganta (Normal, Pink Dress)
Posted on July 2, 2013


I suppose if it weren’t for SDCC exclusives, we’d never see some characters immortalized in plastic. That’s the excuse, er, I mean, the reasoning the manufacturers give us. So I guess we’re lucky to have Giganta at all. Of course, to get her made, they cut some corners. That’s okay. I don’t begrudge a few cost-cutting measures if the alternative is no figure at all. I’ll just fix the shortcuts myself.

Using Mattel’s generic female body for Giganta, while cheap, was less than appropriate. I simply swapped the legs for some Wonder Woman legs (the first version of Diana, sculpted by DC Direct, not the inferior second version, sculpted by Mattel). I added some boot cuffs with Magic Sculpt, and the bracelet, made from a single link of a jewelry chain. (Available as separate links at most craft stores.) Even after that, she’s still too short, but at least she’s in better proportion to herself now.

Created Fall 2008


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