Darkseid’s Throne Room
Posted on July 10, 2013

darkseid-apokolips-throne-room-01Darkseid’s throne room had been in the back of my mind as a project for some time, but it was a gathering of the some of the finest customizers for the New Gods showcase that gave me the excuse to make it.

Like all playsets of this nature, the first problem is how to best represent a large space in a more modest container. In this case, I cut the main platform from a full circle to a half circle. The suggestion of the throne room is still very present, without the playset taking up half a room.

The foundation of the set is a “box” made from illustration boards. Thinner poster board allowed for the curved wall effect. Thin foam was used for the bricks, so they could curve along with the wall. The main pillar in the middle is a similar combination of thick and thin paper products, foam, and a Styrofoam ball quartered and covered with modeling paste for the dome.

The floor is illustration board, with poster board cut and pasted piece by piece for the stonework. Though not apparent in the photos, lights rest under the floor creating an illusion of depth.

The smaller pillars are PVC pipe and fittings, with cut foam around the top.

The throne is illustration board. I sprayed it with the “rock texture” spray paint before covering it with solid grey.

The monitor on the wall features multiple images that can be swapped out.

Created April 2013



  • Very cool diorama. I started designing and building dioramas and playsets about 5 years ago. So far I’ve only built them for myself and for local customers. Since I was laid off 2 years ago I’ve been unable to find any graphic design work so recently I’ve started designing custom playsets and furniture for 6 inch action figures to sell online. Currently working on a 30 inch wide by 10 1/2 high by 18 inch deep shadowbox diorama of the justice league meeting room. just finished designing and printing out my graphics on a color laser Friday and plan on starting the build Monday. Already have the 2 wall computers, meeting room table, 7 chairs, and the wall plasma screen with changeable screens built.

  • therewasme says:

    Saw this for sale and was wondering if it would fit into scale for JLU figures and be some sort of Darkseid Tower Set


  • Kid Comet says:

    Any chance of seeing the instructions for this amazing diorama?

    I would love to re-create this :0)

    • Hmmm, not sure there’s more too it beyond what’s already said. I didn’t make “plans” for it, as I more-or-less made it up as I went along, working from a tiny sketch. But if you want to dive into it and have any questions, I’m always willing to answer. Glad you like it!

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