Dan Turpin
Posted on June 29, 2013


It’s funny. As I work my way through the ranks of the Timm-verse characters, each one getting more challenging, the ones that appear to be simplest are in fact the most difficult!

I started Dan in an effort to bolster my Metropolis shelves. I had a good start on the body, but every attempt I made at the head resulted in failure. Thankfully, there’s a customizer in our ranks that is known for his quality head sculpts: Glassman!

The G-man and I got to discussing Dan Turpin and Perry White when we struck upon a unique partnership. I’d work up the bodies, he’d work up the heads and cast the parts, and I’d paint the final results.

Frankly, I got the better end of that deal. Look at that head sculpt! Glassman is a master of his craft! Without his contribution, this would be a mediocre sculpt of a guy in a suit, with an off-model head. Instead, I now have an Inspector Dan Turpin that Mattel should be so lucky to produce!

Thank you Glassman! These projects have been tremendous fun to share with you. I look forward to many more!

Dan’s body was built from a suited Mattel Lex, with the legs shortened.

Oh, and Glassman says he’ll offer castings if there’s interest. So if this appeals to you, let him know!

Created January 2012


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