Condiment King
Posted on February 7, 2021

I have been meaning to make a Condiment King for decades. DECADES. Let that sink in. Obviously in the past it would have been in the old scale, and now it’s the 6″ scale. Ironically, the recipe would be almost the exact same in both scales.

Old CK is built on a TNBA Riddler, as so many have done before me. I sculpted the various details, such as the condiment packets and the canister straps, using Magic Sculpt. Vinyl strips form his, uh, underwear. I sliced off Riddler’s hat and rebuilt the skull, changing some details to his face and expression. The goggles are circles cut from vinyl using a leather puncher. I made the logo in Illustrator and printed it, applying via decoupage.

The canisters are cut from wooden dowels. Magic Sculpt shapes the top domes. The dials and the guns are shaped from styrene rods and tubes. Magic Sculpt makes the tip of the guns. The tubes connecting the guns to the canisters come from the dynamite accessory that came with an old Speed Racer figure.

I’m glad he’s finally on the shelf. Maybe someday I’ll follow Zelu1984’s lead and make the rest of his comedian friends.

Created January 2021






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