Clock King
Posted on June 30, 2013


Mattel recently released the firsst-ever figure of Clock King. While I’m not crazy about the continued use of the inaccurate suit sculpt, I’m pleased to have a Clock King at all. The head sculpt is nice, if a bit small. And despite the hem of the suit jacket, the figure is accurate. He appeared in a brown suit, with the jacket on, for a few seconds in Task Force X. So I give credit to Mattel for that.

Of course, I wanted Clock King as he appeared in two episodes of BTAS. A little paint and some bowler hats donated by Riddler allowed that to happen. He might be a bit short compared to other figures in those lines, but it’s better than nothing.

Created Summer 2009



  • Jordan Kronemer says:

    Cool! I just found a good deal on the base Jlu figure! I’m curious how you managed to get the bowler hats from the riddler figure. If you had to cut them them off I am impressed with how clean it is

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