Clark Kent (Comic)
Posted on August 11, 2022

I fully admit to stealing this idea. I saw it quickly in passing, and I wasn’t able to make a note of who I saw make it. I would credit if I could!

Most of this is a simple repaint, using the McFarlane Dark Knight Returns Joker as a base. What jumped out at me about this was it portrays Clark as super buff, as he should be. (He is Superman, after all.)

For the head I used another 3D-print file from Donmanart. This is specifically meant to be Christopher Reeve, but with the opaque glasses I think it can pass as a generic Clark.

Work of warning: The paint on the rubber(ish) coat can be uncooperative. I applied some heat via a hair dryer to more easily pop off the Joker head, and when I did that, the white paint of the coat became unusually tacky. It transferred to my fingers without my realizing it, and then transferred to the next object I touched, where it would not come off again. Even after all the tricks I know to help paint dry on rubber, it was weeks before it seemed safe to touch it again. Your mileage may vary.

Created May 2022


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