Catwoman (Concept)
Posted on August 11, 2022

Matt Reeves 2022 The Batman has become a favorite of mine. There’s so much about it I enjoy: the script, the performances, the production design. But there is one thing I really don’t care for, and that’s Catwoman’s costume. It’s just so… boring. I recognize that the film tries to make a “realistic” argument for everything, and her “work clothes” make perfect sense when framed that way. But still, not even a splash of color? It’s very X-Men 2000.

(No reflection on Zoƫ Kravitz or the script. Both were excellent!)

So this is my attempt to find something to like about the costume. Call it therapy via customizing. I splashed a little metallic purple here and there, and gave her some gloss in spots.

Since I left the “live action” look in the rear view mirror, I decided to to go a different route with the head. I 3d-printed the head from a vaguely steampunk design Catwoman statue file. (I do not know who sculpted the file.) I felt the purple-tipped hair was a fun tie to the costume.

Created May 2022



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