Catwoman (BTAS)
Posted on June 30, 2013


Ah, Selena Kyle. Like all the other animated gals, I’ll keep making her until I get her right. In this case, I used the Hasbro-TRU Ivy as a base. I Dremeled away the details and created the belt with vinyl and a leather puncher. The head is cast from a Jack-in-the-Box Batgirl. I chose this head because it wasn’t smiling and the mask eye holes were darned near perfect. I added the mask lines down the cheek with Kneadatite. Once painted, I realized this head is far too chubby in the cheeks, as old-school Selena’s noggin is fairly slim. I may swap it out someday. The ears came off a Hasbro old school Catwoman.

Created Fall 2003


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