Catwoman (2022)
Posted on July 24, 2022

We all know that the time necessary to develop and ultimately release action figures is lengthy, usually from 9 month to a year or more. And sometimes the figures that are released don’t quite match the movie, because the source material changed in that time. Happens all the time. It certainly happened with McFarlane’s 2022 Catwoman figures, as the masked and unmasked heads did not match the movie. What’s really odd, though, is that this movie was delayed for so long, primarily because of Covid, you’d think there was plenty of time for Todd to adjust. But that didn’t happen in a timely fashion. Todd eventually got a corrected masked Catwoman out to stores, but not many.

Ultimately, I bought two excellent 3D-printed sculpts from One12Custom, that are far superior to anything McFarlane’s factories could produce. All I had to do was swap and paint.

Created May 2022


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