Bud and Lou
Posted on June 30, 2013


Last year I worked up a Krypto figure after seeing Quartermain’s version. We chose different bases for Krypto, but seeing what Quartermain did planted the seed in my mind for making Bud and Lou. I’d been trying to crack the recipe for Bud and Lou for years. No pre-made hyena sculpt came even close to the specific animated stylings of these two. However, the “Secret Saturdays” critter that was popping up on clearance was strikingly close.

As you can see from the photos, a lot of work went into these guys. The only part of the original base head that remains is the jaw. The shoulder hump was built up. The lower portion of each leg came from a PVC wolf figure, carefully blended into the existing legs. A new tail was crafted from scratch.

I had the parts cast so I would not have to re-sculpt everything twice, in order to have both hyenas on the shelf.

Created December 2011


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