Bruce Wayne (2022)
Posted on July 24, 2022

This custom features another fine head sculpt and 3D print by One12Custom. All I had to do was paint it and find a body.

Mcfarlane’s figures tend to be slightly larger than actual 1:10, and the 2022 movie stuff is a solid example of that. I had to find a suited body that would match One12Custom’s Bruce head and line up with the existing figures. Fortunately (or unfortunately), there’s a company making figures that does not own a ruler: Diamond Select! They claim their figures are 1:10, but many times they are larger, sometimes smaller. Their Pulp Fiction Jules fit the bill. He’s tough to find now, but I managed to find a fair deal on a less-than-mint copy on eBay. I swapped the hands from my fodder supply. The coat came from GPSLot on eBay.

Created May 2022


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