Posted on September 2, 2016


Bonk’s torso started as a Happy’s (always useful for those big blokes). The legs came from a Mattel TNBA Batman. Much Dremeling and many applications of Magic Sculpt blended the two. The black overall and the upper line of the red shirt were sculpted. Happy also donated his boots to the cause. Bonk’s head was a Captain Atom, with the mouth removed and resculpted larger and higher, plus the addition of the pointy cranium. The head ought to be about 30% larger, but I’ll take what I can get.

I should have made this one years ago.

Created August 2016



  • Roy says:

    Hi, i’ve been looking at your customs for a few days now.
    I’m amazed that i’ve never seen someone do all these customs.. having all these figures you do would be a dream come true for a collector.

    in the website form i put a youtube video of mine where i tried my first custom figure ever. it’s the mask of the phantasm housewife robot in the world of the future.
    i would like to know what you think of it, and if this figure will ever be shown on here as a custom figure of yours!

    a lot of support from the netherlands,

    • Hey Roy! Thanks for the kinds words. And for the link to your Robot Housewife project. It’s coming along nicely. Inspired use of that old bend ’em figure. In fact, you’ve inspired me. I can’t say I’ve ever considered making her, but now I sort of want to. But I think I might try her in the new DC Collectibles 6″-scale. Not sure when, but now it’s in my brain. It’s only a matter of time. Thanks for sharing.

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