Posted on June 30, 2013

blight-01Oh, Hasbro, why do you tease us so? The Hasbro Blight is a pretty nifty toy, but has nothing to do with Blight. Burger King’s may be small, but at least he’s wearing clothes. Regardless, I felt the need to have a decent Blight on my shelf, given that he is the arch villain of the show.

The body is my favorite fodder, Wild Card Joker, with styrene and modeling paste added to complete the jacket. The head is copied from the Hasbro Blight. Can’t really go wrong with an egg shape on a neck.

In the end, I’m not as satisfied with him as I wanted to be. He appears somewhat un-dramatic. Still, he’s a sight closer to the real thing than the alternative.

Created Spring 2000



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