Batman (Azrael)
Posted on February 16, 2021

It’s no secret I love Sean Gordon Murphy’s “Batman: White Knight” books. His introduction of Jean-Paul Valley is arguably better than the original. And of course I dig the costume designs. Thankfully, Todd McFarlane knocked those out of the park where the figures are concerned.

I had seen some folks online repaint the AzBat figure in the traditional silver, gold, and blue color scheme. It looked so good I wanted to try it myself. In my case, I used only metallic paints. Everything is dry-brushed. (First I dry-bryshed flat grey over everything that was not meant to be black, followed by the metallics.) I followed the paint with a chrome pen, randomly adding shiny bits and edges, as if the metal had seen some action. The result in-hand is really striking, and I hope to use the technique again soon.

Created February 2021

UPDATE: Added the red version.





  • I love both repaints of azrael! What paints and metallic paints do you use? I bought a gold armored hellbat and I want to repaint him in metallic dark gray or metallic black to use in my batcave diorama as Batman’s powersuit armor mark 01. I picked up some blue glow in the dark paint to add to the light-up lines and visor lens to accent the armor. May dry brush some silver to show battle damage. I’ve got a Hulkbuster large enough to fit a 6-7 inch figure into. It will be Bat powersuit Mark 02 with a few changes and additions. Batman is always prepared for any fight when superman can’t help so powersuits should be in his arsenal.

    • Casimir says:

      Sounds like a great plan! I don’t recall the specific brand of metallic paint I used. It was just a typical “craft” paint from Michael’s. You clearly already know how to dry brush, so I say just pick a metallic and go to town!

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