Batgirl (BTAS)
Posted on June 29, 2013


This must be about the 6th animated Batgirl I’ve made over the years. I suppose I keep returning to her (both versions) until I feel I get it right.

Recently, Mattel released its own in-house sculpt of Wonder Woman. While vastly inferior to the previously released Wonder Woman (sculpted by folks at DC), the figure’s softer angles make for a decent base of old-school animated designs. Around the same time, I was watching the episode “Batgirl Returns.” This features some of the best animation of the first series, and Batgirl was drawn more like her new school version, with the slightly larger head. Thus I was compelled to try another Batgirl custom.

As stated above, the base is the second Mattel Wonder Woman, and the head is the Mattel Batgirl. Kneadatite makes up her boots, gloves, neckline and hair (extensions to the shoulder). Her belt and cape are cut from vinyl.

All in all, a big improvement over my last attempts. At least this one doesn’t have “thunder thighs.”

Visit the downloads section to grab a Batgirl emblem for your own custom!

Created Summer 2005


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