Batgirl (Bombshell Vampire)
Posted on July 14, 2018

As far as customizing some Bombshell figures goes, Vampire Batgirl is one of the easier options. 90% of her is a repaint of the existing Batgirl figure.

The head is where things get interesting. In an effort to really send a clear signal that this was indeed a vampire, I wanted a head that showed vampire teeth. I searched for an existing vampire head first. Although I found several, none were quite right for that Bombshell look. Fortunately, TRCreations was there to set me straight. He suggested that the wacky Wonder Woman head that everyone mocked might work better with some vampire teeth. And he was right! I used a casting of Diana’s noggin, adding some epoxy teeth. Most of her hair comes from a Bombshell Poison Ivy, while the rest is sculpted epoxy.

Not to shabby for what is essentially a repaint.

Created July 2018


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