Batcomputer (6″ scale)
Posted on July 5, 2013


During CustomCon 10, Max Robinson submitted some images featuring a Star Trek: Enterprise computer playset as a background piece for his Batman customs. I thought this was a great idea and built upon it. As seems to be the trend lately, I wanted to keep this project simple and short, while other projects are brewing.

No Batcomputer would be complete without a giant screen. (Ever wonder how Bats can sit so close and not ruin his eyes?) Originally, I intended to use plastic parts and styrene to build the screen. The “wings” were meant to be parts of an animated Batman glider, but I didn’t have the proper epoxies to make the various plastics and styrene pieces bond together. So I changed directions and went with paper products, specifically bristol and illustration board. The screens were (hastily) layed out in Photoshop. I did my best to match the paint to the bronze color of the playset. I’m pleased with the final product, and the whole thing was finished in one evening.

Created Spring 2004


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