Aquaman (2018)
Posted on July 24, 2022

Mattel’s Aquaman movie figures were not as bad as their usual standard. Sadly, I prefer the 1:10th scale, so those options are too small for my shelf. When I stumbled across this 1:10 Jason Momoa Aquaman head on eBay, I decided I could use it to make a passable placeholder for a movie Aquaman figure.

If it’s not obvious from the photo, I placed that head on a Mcfarlane Endless Winter Aquaman body. And that’s it! (Aside from painting the head.) Yes, I know the movie has many more sculpted details, but I am not a big enough Aquaman fan to want to make that effort. This might be missing the textures, but the colors are accurate, and it captures the essence of the look. Most importantly, it looks great on the shelf!

Created May 2022


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