Apokolips Soldiers
Posted on October 30, 2014


During the New Gods showcase at Custom Justice, Stew produced a set of Apokolips soldiers that was simply stunning. I can say this with confidence as I got to hold these beauties in my hands, and I instantly coveted them. I had to have my own set! Stew was kind enough to duplicate some parts for me. Life could once again proceed.

In the various animated programs, Darkseid has numerous human soldiers at his disposal. Many wear some variation of uniform such as these, but rarely do you see the same design twice. I followed Stew’s lead and made what I think of as matching foot soldiers and a captain. I don’t think that’s what Stew intended them to be, necessarily, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Funny story… As I was prepping the parts, I found that Stew sent me five pairs of arms, but only four heads. No big deal, I thought. So I just whipped up another helmeted head from an old Luthor noggin. Turns out, Stew had done the math right, not me. That extra set of arms that was slightly different was meant for Stew’s amazing “Savage Time” Batman. I had it mixed up in the soldier batch. Whoops. But that’s oaky. As I said, they all look different in the show anyway.

This was the first time I used trim tape for the straight black lines. The jury’s still out if I like the stuff or not. I’ll know more when I see how long it holds.

These don’t hold a candle to the quality of Stew’s, but they’ll do for my shelf. Thanks, Stew!

Stock up on Apokolips soldier heads here!

Created August 2014



  • Jim O'donnelly says:

    really nice figures.
    I’d always loved jack kirby’s new gods characters. yeah, an Apokolips army builder set, with assorted weapons, was one of those Mattel fantasy sets i knew they’d never make.
    ANd now I’m adding them to my ‘infinite to-do list.’

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