Allison & Jamey
Posted on July 6, 2013

allison-jamey-wedding-01Allison and Jamey were fun figures to make, as they presented some new challenges. Jamey had chosen to wear a vest without a jacket. Thanks to the odd sculpting choices of Mattel, their animated Two-Face figure fit the bill, requiring minimal sculptural changes on my part. I did swap the left arm for a Joker arm, and the hand from the parts drawer. His head is a Hasbro Dick Grayson with new hair and glasses cut from a package bubble.

Allison’s dress was fun as I wanted to recreate the outer layer of lace from the real dress. Her torso is a Hawkgirl, with a big wad of Super Sculpey wrapped (and boiled) around her legs. The lace layer was cut from some tule and tentatively taped in place. Kneadatite was used to create the lower edge of her bodice, thus locking the skirt in place. Obviously, this made for some painting challenges, as the main skirt had to be sprayed white, the tule applied, then the tule masked off while the rest was sprayed. Her head is a Hasbro Supergirl with Kneadatite hair.

The Violist and I wish them a lifetime of happiness in their new marriage

Created Summer 2005


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