Where can I purchase Pro Create?
I have purchased Pro Create on Amazon. (read more...)
What is Pro Create?
Pro Create is another epoxy used for sculpting. It’s a two-part mixture that takes about 4 hours to cure. The cured result is much like a tough rubber or plastic. I find it best suited for creating delicate but flexible details like hair. It’s very sticky, but you can help (read more...)
What are silicone sculpting tools?
These look like brushes with rubber tips in various shapes. They are indispensable for sculpting! I wish I had found these sooner. They are excellent for shaping details like hair in the sculpting medium of your choice. These are recent additions to my tool kit, but now I can’t work (read more...)
Where can I purchase Kneadatite?
I purchase Kneadatite directly from the manufacturer, polymerics.com. (read more...)
What is modeling paste?
Modeling paste is a thick liquid that will dry into a chalky, rock like material. It’s useful for some quick fixes and fills, but fairly difficult to use otherwise. Usually available at most art stores near the acrylic paints. (read more...)
What is Plumber’s Epoxy?
A plumber’s epoxy is any sort of compound that’s used to seal pipe fittings. However, many plumbers epoxies make great sculpting mediums as well. Kneadatite above is but one example. A more typical plumbers epoxy is available at most home improvement stores. It usually dries quickly (5-20 minutes) and has (read more...)
What is matte gel medium?
Matte gel medium is acrylic paint without pigment. For my purposes, I use it as an adhesive for applying emblems that I’ve printed. (read more...)
Where can I purchase Plumber’s Epoxy?
Most hardware and plumbing supply store carry a basic plumber’s epoxy. (read more...)
How do I use gel medium to affix emblems on figures?
This is known as decoupage, and there are a number of ways to go about this. (There are also many other customizers out there who are higher authorities on this subject.) In general, you’ll want to apply some of the gel medium to the back of the paper emblem, and (read more...)
What is Super Sculpey?
Sculpey and Super Sculpey are popular sculpting mediums easily available at most hobby/craft stores. It requires heat to cure, so the sculpt time is not limited. It allows for very fine detail work (especially Super Sculpey), and is easily shaped. However, once cured it can be very fragile. Don’t drop (read more...)