Alfred Pennyworth (Wayne Manor)
I had been toying with the thought of Bruce Wayne, Babs and Tim as civilians, but I just wasn’t excited about the prospect. Then I thought of Alfred in an apron. Perhaps it’s a sign of my overt desire to keep the house clean, but this really brought all the (read more...)
Alfred Pennyworth
Dear Hasbro, Thank you for providing us fans with an Alfred. I hope you’ll continue to provide us with other characters we’re clamoring to see molded in plastic. To that end, please do not take offense at my reworking of your latest offering. Your Alfred head sculpt is an excellent (read more...)
Ace is a simple repaint of the Doberman that accompanied one of the Lara Croft figures. I thought he managed to fit in scale nicely, despite Lara’s being a six inch scale figure. True, he’s not exactly on model, but unless my sculpting from scratch skills increase ten-fold, I expect (read more...)